IntelliAQ workshop on Machine Learning for Air Quality 2023

IntelliAQ is sponsoring two workshops in Cologne in early March 2023. The “IntelliAQ workshop on machine learning for air quality” ( aims to bring together researchers from the air quality and machine learning communities for discussion of recent research progress and future priorities. Machine learning (ML) is rapidly gaining momentum as a new toolbox for analysing atmospheric data. While there are now several workshops, fora and conferences to discuss ML applications in the weather and climate domain, discussions on ML applications for air quality remain fragmented. The ERC project IntelliAQ has explored several modern ML concepts for air quality research and we would like to engage in a discussion with the international community about the potential and limitations of ML in this field. The second workshop, immediately following the first one, is a “Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report (TOAR-II) science workshop” ( IntelliAQ supports the development of the TOAR data infrastructure and draws on data and scientific insights from this global initiative.